узел связи HUBspace
In October, 2012 coworking center starts it’s work at HUB
Coworking is a type of working when instead of working at home people [often freelancers] hire corporate place while staying independent and free and not feeling lack of communication, working together, sharing ideas and helping each other.
The main idea of this model is monthly rent, territorial unity and community organization for more effective work of participants. Place where advantages of personal work and social integration are combined. Advantages of web 2.0 in “offline”-environment. Democratic, comfortable place for work, professional communication, experience sharing.
residents of HUB
Coworking residents receive:
1. Working place in light, warm and creative place from 10am to 10pm (quite working condition until 5pm)
2. Unlimited tea/coffee/cookies
3. Unlimited WiFi access
4. Basic set of accounting and business machinery: printers (B/W, full-colour, A4 or A3+)
5. Screen projection units
6. Personal locker
7. Access to HUB’s events
8. Fresh printed press
9. Benefits for hosting your own events
10. Creative party of like-minded
Basic package — 2999 rub
Number of places is limited — call HUB’s administration!
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