26th of October 2012. Hub Open

My City — Cheboksary «As Hub`s administrators, who took part in remodeling of the place, say, brushes were put away one hour before opening. Restoration of the place hasn’t finished yet: — We will be finishing it in process. We want to hear the opinion of people, who will come here. We want to know, […]

Фотоотчет. Hub ping-pong cup: spring challenge.

Предвесенний фотосет от HUBstudio.

Фотоотчет о поэтическом вечере Маяковского на Хабе.

Фотоотчет о весеннем АртБазаре на Хабе.

Провели четвертый весенний день вместе — здесь каждый нашел себе занятие по душе!)