SOS social advertisement fest

Seven disasters — one solution! And this solution is SOS! This name was given to our social advertisement fest. It is decrypted as “Socially Oriented Society”. This society is going to replace consumerists’ society. Because man shall not live by shopping alone.
When ship sinks it gives sos signals. Nowadays our society is like a sinking ship. And it signals about its problems. To recognise them, to denounce them to everyone, to assume measures — that’s the peaceable goal of our fest.
Contests of the fest
27th of November, 12:00, new, annual SOS social advertisement fest starts at HUB.
It’s goals are help in realising bright unique social ideas.
Everyone’s welcome to participate.
27th of October — fest’s opening, master-classes «Social advertising and modern social problems», «Internet advertising», «Video-advertising»
30th of October — Radio-advertisement
1st of November — Exterior advertising
3rd of November — Idea as a basis for advertising
6th of November — Print production
8th of November — Social photography
10th of November — Advertising texts and slogans
13th of November — projects’ discussion
15th of November — projects’ defence
17th of November — fest’s closure

Renewed HUB at “First place” [Karla Marksa st., 52] will house everyone. There we will tell you the scheme of fest’s work. And we’ll meet each other there as well!
Even if you don’t have an idea [but you have desire to be unique]; even if you aren’t registered as a participant yet; even if you don’t know what you’re going to do next three weeks — come anyway!
There are going to be master-classes where professionals will teach you how to generate ideas, how to make them look beautiful and how to serve them spectacularly to city / sponsors / government grants giving organizations…
Participation is free for everyone! Number of people in creative groups [in case you like teamwork] is unlimited. Organising committee isn’t interested in your age or educational level — we are interested in ideas only. Projects that juree marked are completed by professionals and brought to life for free…
We hope that now you have less questions and more desire for participating. We wish you victory in this battle of social ideas!
You can always find exact dates and time in calendar
SOS fest site
group VK
Telephone for communication: +7 908 303 0303
Together we can rise cultural level of our city and make a step toward solving many problems.
Together we’re able to change something!