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Friends! We’re informing you! 26th of October 2012 from 7:00pm
— presentation “What is HUB, and what use it will make?”
— Top 10 bloggers of “LJ Bloggers school” from Moscow
— Backstage discussions, offline-connections
— Video installations made by “Yarkaya Zhizn [Bright Life]”
— Welcome-drink from alcomarket “Vinograd [Grapes as well as VineTown]”
— Party!
Where is it?
Cheboksary, ul.Karla Marksa, 52 // 1st Place Ch.E.A.Z. — manufacturing building, 2nd floor
+7 [8352] 22.96.97
How to enter?
26th of October, 2012 from 5:00pm
250rub at the entrance / 200rub after subscription on the web-site [it will allow you to jump the queue]
You will be needed to fill in a form “Name, e-mail” ⇒
хаб на новом удобном месте
HUB open