Loft-project “PLATZDARM/ Simbirsk” Airlifting Party

Not so long ago thoughts about transmitting and replicating an idea about HUB seemed not real. And now we’re explaining what is HUB to Kirov and Ulyanovsk. In Ulyanovsk it’s happening by Cheboksary scenario. HUB in Cheboksary was logical prolongation of “PLATZDARM v.”, whuch took place 5th-14th of November 2010. Now loft-project “PLATZDARM” is in Ulyanovsk. As a place for final exhibition we chose a switching room in functional ATS at 12th of September st., 7a.
Ivan Yarmoshuk, ideologist and art-manager of “PLATZDARM”, transforms the place using building works, which was quite an unusual solution — they added aeriality and toughness to the place at the same time.
You’re welcome at the opening of the loft-project “PLATZDARM/ Simbirsk” Airlifting Party.
Time: 18th-27th of November, 2011;
Opening: 18th of November, 2011, 4:00 PM;
Location: Ulyanovsk, 12th of September st., 7a. ATS [automatic telephone station] building
12th of September, 1918 decisive battle for liberation of Simbirsk from Czechoslovak revolters. Simbirsk division won it. After it division was given name “The Iron one”. In honor of this event cognominal 12th of November street appeared in the city. By the conventions of the genre telegraph is a key place, that’s why airlifting party landed for a “cultural raid” at the ATS.

Bird’s eye panorama photo and video-shooting, showing current condition of the province became the basis of the project. High-quality photoworks more than 2 meters in size are of both contemporary and historical value. Visual research of 15 photographers, who work at different genres and styles were displayed in big block. For research’s realisation an expedition across territory of the Ulyanovsk Region took place. So, we tried to look complexly at environment’s condition.
“Loft-project” is a new understanding of city landscapes, industrial heritage and new form of interacting with spectators.
“Platzdarm [eng. place of arms] — place for gatherings used during preparations as a base for concentrating and deployment of forces, may have strategic or operative importance.”


Master-classes, presentations and meetings with photographers during this project.
You can find detailed program at project’s official site
Development partner — Ulyanovsk’s branch of OJSC “Rostelekom”