HUB’s resources
— place of 250 sq. meters
— presenting devices: screen projection unit, wide-screen TV, laptop
— professional sound DYNACORD: 2kW, audio control console, 2 microphones with stands
— head clip-on microphone
— mobile light
— flipchart
— 75 siting places
— cloak-room
— tea/coffee/cookies
— WiFi and hard-wired internet
— photo and video of event
— announcements of events
If you’re hosting events:
application []
please read carefully an application-brief and using the visual style of HUB manual [pdf-file will open]
logo jpg, tiff transparent
all materials

For additional information you can always contact us:
administrator +7 [8352] 22.96.97
Ivan Yarmoshuk, head +79278579594
Evgeniy Karasev, directive business partner +79176602222
Place is cross-functional, which makes it easier to host all sorts of events.